I am always honoredwhen couples ask me to be a part of their most special of days.  In return, I work hard to capture the event beautifully and artistically so that you, your family and friends will remember your wedding for a lifetime.  If you would like to see samples of my work, scroll to the bottom of this page!

I utilize a tasteful blend of traditional and photojournalistic styles, focusing on the look and feel that fits best with you.  I like to meet a couple at least once (pick a coffee shop near you, my treat!) prior to the wedding so that I can get to know what you're about.  No couple is the same, so knowing what makes you both special and knowing what you love guides me each time I press the button on my camera during your wedding day.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

But taking great photos of your big day is only half of it.  A photographer should strive to make the bride, groom and their guests feel comfortable and happy while he is shooting.  A good photographer should know when to be seen, and when to be invisible.  A good photographer should know when to move in for a great shot, and when to back away and give space.  Being sensitive to these intangibles is every bit asimportant to me as taking great photos.  It's simple... the happier you and your guests are with me, the better your photos will be!

Wedding Photography - $225/hour (minimum 5 hours)

This package includes however many hours of wedding photography you need and all of the best edited photos (usually between 900-1200 in a typical 8 hour period) during the day.  The photos are given to the Bride and Groom digitally, which means you have all the rights to the photofinished masters.  The deposit is only $500, and the balance can be paid anytime prior to the wedding. 

Obviously, you may need a special service, or a custom number of hours during your wedding day.  We will be happy to work with you to accommodate any unique requests you have!