My job is to make you happy... not just with great photos but with your time you spend with me.  I am so fortunate to work with amazing people and couples each and every week!  Here are some select unsolicited testimonials...

"I used ADP for my wedding this past October. His professionalism, politeness, and personality shined all day long. Not only was he extremely affordable, he out a bride paying for her own wedding at ease in every aspect he could. His partner showed up 15 minutes early, was dressed very nicely and had blister rub, band aids, Kleenex and all things wedding on hand. They made a great team and both had an eye for beautiful shots after the wedding. After our wedding we got many compliments about our photographers from our wedding guests. Then people start posting pictures and they were taking selfies and such with our photographers! I think that alone speaks volumes on how charismatic they were! I can't wait to use them again as our life continues together:)"  ~Keegan
"Arian made our wedding day so unbelievably special. It was so easy to work with him, he was so accommodating, energetic and enthusiastic. We were so happy with everything!!! If you are looking for a photographer, he is hands down your best option. Thanks Arian!" ~Rob
"Amazing photos and all of our guests commented on how wonderful Arian was the entire day! We couldn't have asked for a better experience!" ~Bethany
"Amazing photography, and overall amazing person. Enjoyed every minute of working with Arian, and can't wait for the next time!" ~Erin
"Absolutely amazing!!!!!! Personality and his work were perfection!!!! I would recommend Arian to everyone!!! He captured my day 100%!" ~Jenifer
"Just worked a wedding with Arian and can't wait to see more of the incredible pictures he took! He caught the romantic, intimate moments and also got right on the dance floor and captured the energy of the room. I'd give 6 stars if I could!"  ~ Gary Johnson, Elevated Events
"The best decision we made for our wedding was hiring Arian.  Hands down the best experience and a tremendous value."  ~Steve
"Arian was a great photographer and was so much fun to work with. He will do what he needs to do to get the perfect shot, including power sliding onto your dance floor to capture those epic moments. You can tell Arian loves what he does and it really shows in his photos. "  ~Nicole
"I had more compliments on my photographer than my dress!"  ~Jen