What Does Simple + Stunning Mean?

Photography is a beautiful thing, but as we know, there are so many choices out there, each with their own complicated packages and agendas.  You don't have time for this.  With ADP, you always get beautiful photography from an experienced professional, an excellent customer experience, and affordable pricing that is simple and straightforward.  No hidden fees, no packages, just a desire to give you what you want.

My goal is to take the stigma out of every kind of photography work.  Whether it’s a senior portrait, a headshot, or the most important day of you’re life, I promise you will have a fun, relaxed, enjoyable time.

The Photos

I focus on a clean, economical yet creative style.  I work hard to capture your personality and the personality of the people around you.  When editing the photos I take, I focus on things like color, tone, and the general look and feel of the person, couple, family or event I capture.  I WILL NOT make my subjects look plastic.  ADP believes you are beautiful the way you are.  If you need to get rid of that pesky pimple or two, or maybe smooth out those pores just a little, we can do that!  Hey, we all have those days right?  But for the most part, our photo post production focuses on the things that make your photos beautiful, not fake.

The Personal Touch

The truth is, most people don’t like having their picture taken.  We’re all a little self conscious in our own way!  With ADP, you can count on a fun, lighthearted, comfortable experience.  To me, the personality of the photographer and how he or she makes you feel is just as important as the photos you receive.  And the more relaxed and comfortable you are with me, the better your photos are going to turn out.   I work with you to get the look and feel you want, while keeping the experience enjoyable.


The Value

We know times are tough.  Every one of us has had to tighten the belt just a little bit... and maybe more.  At ADP, we give you low cost photography without sacrificing quality.  We do this by minimizing overhead and advertising and passing the savings along to you the customer.  It's that simple.


The Peace of Mind

Your photos capture your life, your history and your legacy.  Any photos I distribute to you are saved on DropBox forever, which means that if your computer decides to quit, you can simply download your portrait or wedding photos again.  Your greatest memories will never be lost.

And on your wedding day, I always have a backup photographer available in case I can't make it.  It's never happened, but since wedding's don't exactly allow for "do-overs," it's a crucial piece of security I provide to you with every package.


The End Result

Our core philosophy is that you should have the rights to your edited photo files to do with as you please.  At ADP, we will never charge you for prints.  Instead, we turn the full resolution digital files over to you so that you can print them cheaply, make photo books, post to social media and share with friends and family.  We don’t put ANY restrictions on what you do with your photos… they are yours to enjoy.  Hey, you spend a lot of money on these things, why should you have to pay more just to get what’s yours?