Below is our wedding contract.  Please examine this contract thoroughly, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact ADP at any time.  When you are ready to lock in your day, fill out your electronic signature below, confirming that you agree to the contract on this page.  Once you agree, you will be given a link to a page where you can pay your deposit and lock in your wedding day, as well as add engagement photos, a photo booth, or other services.


Wedding Contract
Arian David Photography

- The photographer will be required to take photos of events during the day
mentioned above beginning no earlier than 8am, and be dismissed no later than
11:59pm.  The Bride and Groom will provide a clear itinerary for the photographer,
detailing where and when the photographer should be at any given time during the
day.  Addresses for all locations should be included. 

*The photographer will take photographs of any events during the prearranged hired
time as he sees fit, and/or as requested to photograph by the Bride and Groom, to
the best of his abilities as an established professional.

*The photographer is bound by any rules put in place at each location, or by
individuals in charge of the facilities during the contracted time (example: most
religious leaders and churches have policies regarding flash photography, and
photographer location during the ceremony).  It is the responsibility of the Bride
and Groom to know and understand these policies prior to the contracted time.  It is
not the responsibility of the photographer to contest these "house rules" at any

-In case of inclement weather, the photographer reserves the right to discontinue
any outdoor photography that might be detrimental to the photographer’s equipment.

-In case of equipment malfunction of his primary camera, the photographer will have
a capable backup camera on hand.

-Dinner will be provided for the photographer at the reception.

-If for any unforeseen reason the photographer Arian Horbovetz cannot be present for
the contracted event, he will provide an alternate photographer that will be agreed
upon by Arian Horbovetz, the Bride and Groom.  This alternate will be a professional
of the same or higher photographic skill level as Arian Horbovetz as deemed by Arian
Horbovetz.  In this instance, the alternate photographer would also be bound by this

-The photographer will process and return the best edited/photofinished digital
photos from the contracted period to the Bride and Groom in digital format via an
online file sharing site within 6 weeks of the wedding.

-The photographer will turn over all rights to these photographs to the Bride and
Groom so that they may manipulate, print, and distribute them as they wish.  The
photographer reserves the right to use any photos for his portfolio/website and
advertising campaigns.      

-The deposit must be paid to the photographer up front to lock in the contracted wedding date.
If the photographer is asked by the Bride and/or Groom to take photographs beyond
the paid period on the contracted wedding day, the cost is $275 per hour.  Any money paid to the photographer
is non-refundable with no exceptions.  The balance owed to the photographer must
be paid prior to two weeks before the wedding day.  If full amount has not been paid
within two weeks of the wedding, the photographer reserves the right to nullify this
contract and keep any amount already paid to him by the Bride and Groom.

-In the case of wedding cancellation or change of date, the Bride and Groom may not
request any refund from the photographer, nor may this contract and amounts paid be
used for any other photography service in place of wedding day photography (e.g. If
a wedding is cancelled, the amount paid to the photographer may not be used for
portrait photography) on the date stated in this contract or any other time.

-In the case of a change of wedding dates, the Bride and Groom will forfeit any
amounts paid to the photographer and this contract will be nullified.  If the Bride
and Groom would still like the photographer to capture their wedding, a new contract
and payment will have to be scheduled for the new date if it is available.

-In the unforeseeable case of equipment malfunction in both cameras, theft of
equipment, incidental damage to digital media, "acts of God," or any other instance
in which the Bride and Groom do not receive their digital photographs, the
photographer will return the full amount paid to him by the Bride and Groom.  The
photographer is not, in any case, liable for any amount greater than what has
already been given to him by the Bride and Groom.

-The photographer Arian Horbovetz is not responsible for any errors in color,
clarity or quality incurred in the process of printing the digital files given to
the Bride and Groom.

-By filling out the form below, the Bride, Groom and photographer agree to all terms and
conditions listed in this document. 

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